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Spoiled in Brazil… 08.04.2011
Heading to the end... 25.02.2011
Odyseus arrives 14.02.2011
Dance the Tango and eat THE MEAT! 29.01.2011
Enough with altitude… 09.01.2011
Living higher than most Swiss summits 31.12.2010
Following the Inca’s traces… 18.12.2010
On my own but still rocking the continent 11.12.2010
Up’s and down’s in Ecuador and Peru 02.12.2010
Picking up the Latin Groove 29.10.2010
Viva Las Vegas Y VIVA AMERICA LATINA!!! 15.10.2010
Under the Californian sun 02.10.2010
Cruising down the Westcost 13.09.2010
Frontier to the west 26.08.2010
New York you make it happen! 13.08.2010
Good bye Sunshine State 31.07.2010
I was in Miami Bitch! 26.07.2010