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Up’s and down’s in Ecuador and Peru

Quito (2), Galapagos, Cotapaxi, Baños, Lima (1), Iquitos, Lima (2)

“A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.”

Well well, the adventure South America started with a lot of bad luck. On the first night out in Quito I was robbed, some cards and the iPhone are gone, my camera is not working anymore, some Swedish guy broke my Leatherman, and I lost numerous items since i am here...
But I’m fine – that’s what’s counting.

And all this was followed by an absolute highlight: The Galapagos Islands! Just spectacular! The pictures we took speak for themselves... Only that my underwater camera was not working anymore has been annoying. I could have made such great pictures of Whitetip Reef Sharks or a spectacular video of numerous Sea Lions playing around us while snorkeling.
The diving was fantastic. In our four dives we saw a hunting Sea Lion, Turtles, numerous Sting Rays, a Galapagos Shark, and much more. Only the Hammerhead Sharks we missed somehow. And the daytrip to Isabella was beautiful nature and animals.

After returning to Quito – which is one of the dirtiest cities I have ever been to - we went back to the Secret Garden Hostel and booked two nights in the Cotopaxi National Park - also a great but quiet hostel in the middle of nowhere but scenic landscape. Cotopaxi is the highest mountain (/volcano) in Ecuador. We went up till the glacier and the day after we went on a four hour hike to the summit of the Pasochoa (another volcano near the hostel). From the hostel on 3’500 meters we walked up to the peak on 4’306 meters which was very hard because of that altitude but we had a beautiful and clear day and it was totally worth it.

Baños is a very nice place, however, very touristy. We had a great time there, chilling, rafting (for the first time), two Swedish girls that where a lot of fun in the four bed dorm, but - sorry girls - the absolute highlight there was the Swiss Bistro! Where we had: "Puuresalat, Chalbsbradwurscht mit Zwibelsauce, Cordonbleue, Fondue und natuerli Zuerigschnätzlets mit Roesti!" It was just a blast to have some traditional Swiss food after 4 month away from home.

Then we went on a three day bus journey to Lima where the famous “Juanito Corayon” and I spent our final days together on this travel. Strange to say good bye to a travelling companion who I was on the road with for four month!
“I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.” – Mark Twain
But yeah, well it was clear even before the trip that we are and will be good friends and that the travelling would work out perfectly and it did – we were a great team. Thank you mate!! (Miss you)

Lima is probably the loudest city I have ever been to but it was great. Ricardo made it great for me. He is a friend of my friends that is living for 10 year in Lima now and who I met here. What a great guy and connection! Without him I left Lima within a few days but I ended up spending more than two weeks here and had a super time. Moreover I had a good insight into the life of Peruvians. Thank you so much Ric

Also I made a trip to Iquitos (the largest city in the world that cannot be reached on a road – only by plane or boat) and into the Amazonas that was just beautiful and a great experience. But see the videos (now online, unfortunately there is not so much to see on YouTube quality, but at least you get the audio of the jungle) and pictures for yourself.
(Humid and 35° - Sorry Switzerland, I just cannot even imagine 0° and snow right now)


Today I am going to leave Lima for Pisco, Huacachina, Arequipa, and then Cusco…
…and I haven’t lost anything for a while :) hope that stays that way.

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don't tell me you brought those bloody swiss army boots all the way to peru?!?!

by #1

hehe hellyeah i did - and honestly i'm happy about it. a bit heavy but good quality...
and i can get rid of it any time I want and it didn't cost me a dime - only you and all the other tax payers ;)

by Perch

hey lukas!

cool blogs, cool pictures, enjoy it!

too bad you got robbed :( but it seems you made the best out of it, keep on!

btw, its less than 0° at the moment :-/

by Daniel Walter

well shit happens - but it's beter to ...you know what ;)
it's all good and i enjoy

soon new pics & videos are online now

by Perch

yeah, interesting stories Luc. Its always nice to read about your adventures and it looks like you are in a really deep travel mood :) ...spending 2 weeks in Lima by mistake ;) keep on posting.

so long

by Adi

Thank you Adi! Fantastic to read that people are actually appreciating my ‘work’ ;)

by Perch

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